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    Management in health care

    The urgency of the problem. One of the directions of state policy in the field of modernization of health care and sanatoriumresort business in particular, should be the development of methods and technologies for improving management systems. Regulators should take on the sponsor function, primarily with their policies and budgets, and professional associations should implement this policy by initiating and organizing assessment and competitive procedures to support sanatorium-resort organizations that are actively introducing and applying systematic quality management technologies in their activities. their services for sustainable longterm development.
    Purpose of the study – development of a Sectoral model for assessing the management system of a sanatorium-resort
    organization on the basis of internationally recognized criteria in order to improve the results and improve the activities of a sanatorium-resort organization and the industry as a whole.
    Materials and methods. The analysis of models for assessing various aspects of the activities of organizations (ISO 9001, EFQM, JCI), incl. applied in health care using the methods of comparative and logical-structural analysis of their characteristics, which made it possible to identify the strongest solutions in the models under consideration and became the basis for building a model for assessing the management system of a sanatorium-resort organization.
    Results. The criteria of the Sectoral Assessment Model and their content are harmonized with globally recognized management models, the principles of which emphasize the priority of consumers, the creation of sustainable values and the satisfaction of their needs, as well as the needs of stakeholders in the face of partners and the ecosystem and contain a re- the list of aspects of activities in which the organization must be successful.
    Conclusions. An independent assessment of the level of maturity of the management system of a sanatorium-resort organization and the publication of its results form trust on the part of patients, vacationers, members of their families, large customers of sanatorium-resort services, as well as regulatory bodies and investors, help to attract investments in a sanatorium-resort complex and its sustainable development. The assessment model can also be used for self-diagnosis and improvement of the management system of any health resort organization.

    Authors: Dovgan I. A. [2] Zaika I. T. [2]

    Tags: assessment model2 cause and effect1 competition for the prize for achievements in the field of quality management of health resort services1 criteria6 health resort organization2 international level2 management system2 sustainable development2

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