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  • 2023 № 1 The state and prospects of the hematological service of the subjects Central Federal District of the Russian Federation

    Improving the quality of medical care is one of the priority objectives of the state policy, for the solution of which the resources of the national project «Healthcare» and its constituent federal projects are used.
    Purpose of the study is the development of high-cost, resource-intensive and socially significant healthcare industry, such as the Hematology service. The aim of this study was to assess the organization and state of the Hematology service in the Central Federal District (CFD) of Russia – the leader both in terms of population and in terms of the number of subjects included in it – which is necessary to develop organizational and methodological measures aimed at its improvement.
    Materials and methods. Official statistical data and analytical materials of Federal State Statistics Service, the Cancer Registry, open sources of information, data from check-out work of the National Medical Research Center for Hematology in СFD. Statistical data analyzed with the Excel‑2007 package. The main research methods: study and generalization of the available information, informationanalytical, statistical, bibliographic.
    Results. The analysis of the performance indicators of Hematology in the CFD identified its main components, taken together of which it is possible to assess the quality of the organization of the provision of specialized medical care with subsequent rating, and made it possible to identify key points for further improvement of the hematological service. Conclusions. The results of the study indicate the need for constant monitoring of the main indicators of the Hematology service (staffing, bed fund, availability of specialized high-tech research methods for the blood system diseases), taking into account certain directions and the course of the state policy pursued in this direction.

    Authors: Maloletkina E. S. [1] Lazareva O. V. [1] Tsyba N. N. [1] Shvets D. A. [1] Dvirnyk V. N. [1] Parovichnikova E. N. [1]

    Tags: assessment of the quality of hematological care1 check-out work1 hematological service infrastructure1 hematology1 the hematology service1

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