Technology management
  • 2016 № 9 Is return of almost forgotten reusable surgical gloves a cost optimization or impractical spending?

    Restoration of reusable surgical gloves, followed by consistent negative trend in the sterile surgery import over the last two years, is not economically viable. The article presents data of the clinical-economic analysis justifying the fact that medical organizations that use gloves sterilization on site, are at risk of getting increased budget burden. It is proved that hopes on extra savings due to multiple sterilizations are rather naive mistake than the reality: extra spends related to the use of cheap reusable gloves increase total budget up to the cost of the mid- and high-end price segment gloves. It seems to become critical to integrate the clinical-economic analysis into a routine decision making process of choosing and purchasing medical gloves to every single hospital.

    Authors: Volkova O. I. [2] Supov A. Y. [1]

    Tags: clinical-economic analysis2 gloves sterilization1 medcom-mp2 reusable surgical gloves1

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