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  • 2019 № 5 The main trends in the incidence of young men (15–17 years) in the context of the growth of chronic pathology

    An increase in the incidence of the population, including children and adolescents occurs in recent decades in the Russian Federation. The growth rates of the total and the first time registered incidence of young men aged 15–17 years are analyzed for the period 2000–2017, according to the data of the Federal Statistical Observation. An increase in the overall incidence of young men by 35.8% was detected, for the first time registered incidence – by 35.4%. The maximum increase in overall morbidity is observed in the following classes: neoplasms (up to 2,6 times), diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs (2 times), congenital anomalies (malformations) (1,8 times), diseases of the circulatory system (1,7 times), diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue (1,6 times), diseases of the endocrine system, metabolic disorders (1,5 times). The indicator of “chronicity” of diseases was calculated, based on the data of the total and for the first time registered incidence. With a general growth rate of this indicator – 0.3%, there is a significant increase for some of classes of diseases: mental disorders and behavioral disorders (110.6%), congenital anomalies (mal- formations) (90.6%), diseases of the endocrine system, metabolic disorders (46.9%).

    Authors: E.  M.  Manoshkina [1] E.  N.  Matveev [1] M.  N.  Banteva [1]

    Tags: chronical  diseases  of  young  men1 morbidity  of  young  men1 morbidity  of  teenagers1 the  morbidity  of  young  men  within  classes  of  diseases.1

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