Management in healthcare
  • 2014 № 3 Increase of quality and affordability of medical care — objectives and solutions in general physicians practice («Samara municipal clinic №6 of Industrial region», Samara, Russia)

    Annotation. There are studied problems and ways of optimizing management of human resources in ambulatory department of health care of Russian Federation. It is shown that deficit of human resources in the health care of Russia is provoked by the lack of physicians and middle level medical staff of several professions as well as disproportions in number of physicians and nurses. There is studied an example of experimental area of general practitioner where nurses can implement their self-sufficient reception. There are questions arisen regarding extension of functional responsibilities of medical nurses and problems occurring while its realization due to imperfections of legislative acts.

    Authors: Guseva S. L. [1] Gorochova I. V. [1]

    Tags: deficit of human resourcesin health care1 functional responsibilities of personnel1 junior medical personnel2 self-sufficient reception1

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