• 2018 № 3 Topical issues of arbitration practice in the CHI system (the experience of Saint-Petersburg)

    The current legislation in the system of compulsory health insurance has opened wide opportunities for participation in this system of medical organizations of any organizational and legal form. However, this has led to an increase in the number of economic disputes in the compulsory health insurance system. In particular, the number of lawsuits is increasing on new grounds: the amount of medical care; payment for medical care provided in excess of these volumes. The defendants in the claims are not only the insurance medical organizations and territorial funds of the MLA, but also the Commission, which develop territorial programs of compulsory medical insurance and are not legal entities. Court practice in many cases violates the logic of legislation on compulsory health insurance. This article is devoted to the consideration of these problems for recommendations to improve the legislation

    Authors: Gordeev A. E. [1]

    Tags: commission  on  the  elaboration  of  territorial  programmes1 compulsory medical insurance18 health  insurance  organizations3 litigation1 the  volume  of  medical  care2

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