Management in health care
  • 2020 № 2 The clinical significance of the relationship between doctor and patient (literature review)

    This literature review collects research, laws, and various models of physician-patient interaction in the health
    care system. The question of the patient’s adherence to treatment based on the level of trust in the doctor is considered in
    detail, the analysis of the concepts of different models of interaction is carried out, and their specific conditions are defined,
    presented in the scientific literature by the authors of the CIS and Europe. The purpose of the review was based on the
    analysis of various options aimed at the development of the doctor-patient relationship in health care. Based on the data,
    the authors suggested that it is necessary to search for new approaches to increase the legal, economic responsibility of
    the patient, both for the performance of medical appointments and for their own health.

    Authors: Mits A. N. [1] Bondarev A. A. [1] Gontarev S. N. [1]

    Tags: doctor2 medical activity5 medical contract1 patient13 the relationship between doctor and patient1

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