Management in health care
  • 2018 № 1 Availability of the medical diagnostic care and continuity in its organization at various stages of exercise of medical and diagnostic process

    One of important social problems of a health care system is ensuring availability and quality of a medical care. For the purpose of complex assessment of availability of diagnostic testings reports of federal forms of statis¬tical observation were analysed and expert assessment of medical documentation of the medical organizations in the Republic of Bashkortostan is carried out. As a result of the integrated analysis of data key criteria and indicators of availability of diagnostic testings which indicate the need of differentiation of the medical organizations for levels of the diagnostic help for balancing of the offered nomenclature and ensuring adequate availability of diagnostic testings at various stages of delivery of health care were taped. Centralization of clinical diagnostic laboratories is the confirming result of repeated rising of availability of diagnostic services (by 5-10 times) that proves similar organizational and structural transformations of diagnostic sectionings, forming of three-level system of diagnostics under WHO recommendations that increases the methodical level and quality of medical and diagnostic process, especially at a pre-hospital stage and considerably improves satisfaction of patients.

    Authors: Skvirskaya G. P. [5] Bilalov F. S. [2] Sharafutdinova N. H. [1]

    Tags: availability of diagnostic testings1 health care workforce2 medical diagnostic care1 satisfaction of patients1

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  • Technology management
  • 2016 № 3 The level provision with diagnostic equipment in medical organisations, offering medical aid in ambulant conditions

    Annotation. Shift to the provision of medical care in the outpatient setting updates the analysis of the provision of medical equipment and the loading it in the outpatient departments. Condition of medical devices for preventive screening equipment for computer and magnetic resonance tomography, ultrasound and endoscopic diagnostics studied using official reporting statistic data. The technical condition of the buildings outpatient departments was analizing too. Identified the shortages of equipment for mammography, the suboptimal using of the equipment for screening of the chest. The expediency of the certification of health care organizations recommended, as well as the revision of standards studies using computed tomography. A path to optimizing the load on the diagnostic equipment proposed.

    Authors: Son I. M. [38] Senenko A. S. [4] Leonov S. A. [14] Skvirskaya G. P. [5] Gazheva A. V. [6] Sterlikov S. A. [6] Bilalov F. S. [2]

    Tags: ct and mri scans1 health organizations providing assistance to the population in an outpatient setting1 medical equipment2 preventive screening1 technical condition of buildings of medical departments1 ultrasound diagnostic equipment1

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