Personnel management
  • 2023 № 10 Actual issues of the organization of professional retraining of physical rehabilitation specialists (kinesiospecialists) in the context of a new model of medical rehabilitation.

    The system of medical rehabilitation in Russia undergoes significant transformation which is reflected in the Federal Program «Optimal for health restoration medical rehabilitation in the Russian Federation». In such situation the issues of personnel training in the field of medical rehabilitation are becoming extremely relevant. The difficulties that arise along this path are associated with the interdisciplinarity of medical rehabilitation and the necessity to train specialists with medical education (doctors and nurses) as well as with higher non-medical education: physical therapists, ergotherapists, medical psychologists and medical speech therapists (according to the Order No. 788n of 31.07.2020).
    These allied health specialties are new for Russia but they are responsible for the main practical activity in the implementation of an individual medical rehabilitation plan. The difficulties in training non-medical personnel in rehabilitation largely arise from the requirement for them to have both medical and pedagogical competencies and to have the ability to work independently as well as in a rehabilitation team.
    This article summarizes the three-year experience of training specialists in medical rehabilitation with higher non-medical education at the National Research Nizhny Novgorod State University named after N. I. Lobachevsky. The article presents the main issues of the professional retraining program «Physical rehabilitation (physical therapy)» with a duration of 1020 hours, defines professional competencies, difficult issues of training, formation of practical skills and assessment of professional competencies in this category of students.

    Authors: Builova Т. В. [3] Zverev Y. P. [1] Balchugov V. А. [1]

    Tags: physical rehabilitation specialists1 professional competencies1 professional retraining program1

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