Satisfaction of the population with the organization of clinical examination of certain groups of the adult population on the example of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation

Published: 2019-07-22

    Social aspects of health
  • One of the criteria for the quality and availability of clinical examinations is the satisfaction of the population with the obtained preventive care. The subject of the study was the level of satisfaction of citizens who underwent medical examination, accessibility and quality of its organization. The following methods are used in the work: content analysis of scientific literature and regulatory documents; statistical method; analytical method. The reliability of the results obtained was evaluated by the method of calculating confidence limits. Applied correlation analysis. A sociological survey of 568 respondents who have undergone clinical examination of the adult population. Identified a number of subjective and objective problems in the organization of clinical examination. The degree of satisfaction of the population with the availability and quality of the organization of clinical examination of the adult population is determined. A correlation was found between the satisfaction of citizens with clinical examination and its availability. Proposed measures aimed at improving the organization of medical examination.

    Authors: Khodakova O. V. [4] N.  V.  Koshevaya [1]

    Tags: citizens’  satisfaction1 clinical  examination  of  the  adult  population1 correlation  interrelation.1 prevention17




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