Perinatal monitoring system in Krasnoyarsk region

Published: 2019-12-09

    Focus of problem
  • Successful functioning of information software systems that provide automation of monitoring of pregnant women at the regional level is possible only if there is, as well as continuous improvement of the organizational system. The lack of a well-established organizational system does not allow to use the capabilities of these complexes and often leads to their asynchronous work.
    The aim of the study was to form a scheme of perinatal care in the Krasnoyarsk region using the perinatal monitoring system and its evaluation using the methodology of system analysis. Data on 122 250 cases of pregnancy in the period from 2014 to 2017, the degree of risk of women, as well as the outcomes of these cases of pregnancy were used to analyze the work of perinatal monitoring of the Krasnoyarsk territory. All pregnancy outcomes were divided into 2 groups: cases of pregnancy with adverse outcomes and favorable outcomes.
    Despite the rather long-term work of perinatal monitoring in the Krasnoyarsk region, the analysis of the existing system revealed a number of significant shortcomings that limit its effectiveness, functioning and management of this system. The lack of management of women’s consultations as the level of management of the system of perinatal care in the Krasnoyarsk region, the imperfection of the system of assessing the degree of perinatal risk, the lack of information in the existing reporting forms and information on the outcomes of completed pregnancy cases in the database of the system were noted as shortcomings.
    Identification of the presented shortcomings allowed to form the offers allowing to increase efficiency, to expand opportunities, and also to create tools of management of routing of pregnant women in system of perinatal monitoring.

    Authors: Kurbanismailov R. B. [3] Narkevich A. N. [3] Vinogradov K. A. [3] Evminenko S. A. [1] . Garaev R. V Perinatal monitoring system in Krasnoyarsk region [1]

    Tags: adverse outcomes1 perinatal monitoring1 pregnancy4 routing of pregnant women1 three-level system1




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