Artificial intelligence in health care
  • 2020 № 4 Increased accuracy of prediction of fragmentation duration of urinary stones based on multifactorial regression models

    The regression models for prediction of contact holmium lithotripsy duration are given. Models are obtained on the
    basis of calculated and experimental data on duration of different stages of laser lithotripsy. They allow, based on the volume and radiological density of urinary stones and taking into account the anatomical characteristics of the patient, to calculate the expected time of complete fragmentation of the stones with a higher accuracy than on the factor of additional costs the known model based

    Authors: Chernega V. S. [4] Eremenko S. N. [3] Eremenko A. N. [4]

    Tags: operation duration1 regression models1 transurethral contact laser lithotripsy1 urinary stones1

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