Information support of medical research
  • 2016 № 1 Evaluating the perspectives for development of scientific journals, published in RUSSIAN SCIENCE CITATION INDEX on the Web of Science platform.

    «Physicians and informational technologies» journal was included in the 652 best Russian scientific-periodical journals, composing the collection of Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI). This collection was presented at the end of 2015 on the Web of Science (WoS) platform. This article describes the objectives, methodology for selecting journals and perspectives of the project’s development. Particular attention is attributed to such vectors of development as possible switching listing of journals recognised by the Higher Attestation Commission to RSCI, possible usage of collection as a central one (nuclear) in Russian Index of Scientific Citation (by analogy of Web of Science Core Collection), methods of scientometric indicators of scientists and organisations, calculated only according to the RSCI file, to create models for targeted and contest financing of research and inventions in the Russian Federation.

    Authors: Tsvetkova L. A. [4] Kurakova N. G. [5]

    Tags: methodology for selection1 nuclear collections1 project «golden thousand» russian index of scientific citation1 russian science citation index1 scientific journals1 web of science core collection1

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