Medical information systems
  • 2020 № S5 Approaches to improving patient safety by means of MIS

    Approaches to ensuring the safety of patient treatment in a medical organization are considered on the example
    of surgical treatment. The proposed case is implemented on the basis of the JCI IPSG4 “Ensure Safe Surgery” standards and includes the implementation of preoperative verification and timeout by means of MIS. The interface is considered as a chain of interconnected checklists, which was named “Green wave of patient safety during surgical treatment”.

    Authors: Mikheev. A. E. [13] Ovanesyan A. A. [3] Larina I. A. [1]

    Tags: healthcare information system11 patient safety2 preoperative verification1 surgical treatment1 timeout1

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  • 2020 № 3 The role of health information technology in promoting patient safety

    The paper reviews current scientific evidence on the impact of different health information technologies (HIT) on patient
    safety, as well as the potential negative consequences of HIT introduction, including systems of computerized physician order entry(CPOE), clinical decision support (CDSS), medication administration technologies, telemedicine and telemonitioring, electronic incident reporting and electronic medical records (EMR). It was concluded that the most convincing evidence of effectiveness inimproving patient safety, reducing the risk of medical errors and healthcare-related adverse events, have CDSS and technologies that incorporate decision support elements: CPOE, EMR and telemonitoring.

    Authors: Kleymenova E. B. [2] Yashina L. P. [2]

    Tags: clinical decision support systems2 health information technology1 medical errors1 patient safety2

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