Decision support systems
  • 2020 № 1 Life cycle of decision support systems as medical technologies

    Decision support systems (DSS) in medicine can be classified into reference and intellectual, and the latter, in turn, into
    modeling and imitating human reasoning. Modeling systems are based on formalized expert knowledge, and imitating ones are
    based on models built by various multidimensional data analysis methods. DSS should be considered as medical technologies,
    therefore, after their development, assessing of analytical (technical) and clinical validity should follow, regardless of current
    national regulatory documents. Clinical validation have to be based on principles of evidence based medicine and demonstrate
    superiority, non-inferiority or equivalence to routine practice. Then a clinical and economic analysis can be carried out in order
    to justify the economic feasibility of DSS, and later health technology assessment can be performed.

    Authors: O. Yu. Rebrova [2]

    Tags: analytical validation1 clinical economic analysis1 clinical validation1 decision support system3 life cycle1 medicine7

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