Regional informatizatian projects
  • 2019 № 1 Benchmarking for assessing the quality of digitization of radiology departments: methodology development

    Basing on the “Digital Imaging Adoption Model (DIAM)”, systematized international and own practical experience, there
    was developed a tool for benchmarking the level of digitization of radiology departments. The tool includes: 1) a reference “Medviz” maturity model of medical imaging digitization; 2) a basic methodological document (unified five-level digitalization strategy); 3) a digitization degree assessment tool; 4) a structured set of applications. In process of benchmarking, radiology departments are classified in accordance with the author’s Medviz model. Following the established level, a special set of recommendations is formed as basis for further managerial decisions. The methodology was successfully tested by us in five medical centers of the Department of Healthcare of Moscow. The development is applicable for complex studies of IT support of medical centers.

    Authors: Morozov S. P. [7] Vladzymyrskyy A. V. [7] Safronov D. S. [1]

    Tags: benchmarking1 digitization1 healthcare organization3 information technologies5 quality assessment1 radiodiagnostics1

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