Decision support systems
  • 2018 № itm The possibility of using Google’s services for adoption of management decisions in organization of emergency medical aid

    Not achievement of the indicative indicators reflecting development of emergency medical care testifies to need of the analysis of the reasons and acceptance of the administrative decisions directed to its improvement. The growing popularity of e-applications in medicine, the active application programs and application among patients, the high prevalence of medical communities in social networks – on the one hand, and the lack of a developed system of support of managerial decision-making in the health sector, on the other, raises the question about the use of existing Internet services in the activities of medical organizations for managerial decision-making. The purpose of the study was to identify the possibilities of using Google services for management decisions aimed at improving the organization of emergency medical care. The sociological method included an online study of the opinion of legal representatives of children on emergency medical care using Google services. The analy- sis revealed a number of problems in the organization of emergency medical care for children, causing limited availability of primary health care in emergency form for children, the solution of which requires operational management decisions. The results of using Google services in solving these problems can be used by the heads of medical organizations and health authorities

    Authors: Moskvicheva M. G. [1] Shchepilina E. S. [1]

    Tags: emergency medical care1 using google services1

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