Mathematical modeling
  • 2018 № 2 Simulation of the admission department of the city hospital: building a digital model and optimizing the activity

    The possibility of optimizing the activity of the admission department of the city hospital is shown on the basis of the results of simulation modeling. The use of FlexSim Healthcare software allows obtaining characteristics of medical care that are inaccessible to other methods of analysis. The digital model of activity of the medical organization allows to localize «bottlenecks», leading to the formation of queues. The problems of obtaining the data necessary for constructing models are considered. Virtual experiments help to find options for optimizing activities, while replacing long­running and costly management experiments using real resources. The detailed description of the processes of medical care with the timing of its individual stages will help to obtain more accurate results of simulation. Simulation of medical care can be one of the stages of the introduction of «lean manufacturing» in health practice.

    Authors: Krasilnikov I. A. [1] Mironova N. M. [1] Sokolova I. A. [1]

    Tags: admission department1 digital model1 flexsim healthcare1 optimization of activities1 simulation1 virtual experiment1

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