Telemedicine as a tool for remote interaction with regional hospitals: 5-year experience of the National Research Center for Hematology

Published: 2020-12-29

  • Significant expansion of telemedicine technologies was made possible by the adoption of the necessary legal regulation
    and initiation of the national program “Healthcare”. National research centers were assigned a mission to provide advisory and methodological support to the regional hospitals.
    The manuscript describes the experience of the National Research Center for Hematology in application of telemedicine technologies in order to improve the quality of specialized medical care. Progressive increase in the number of requests for telemedicine consultations was observed during the last 5 years, also due to the activities aimed at expansion of geographical coverage of telemedicine technologies and involvement of the regional doctors. In 2019 1380 requests were received from 80 regions of the Russian Federation. The largest number of requests came from the hospitals of the Central (28%) and Siberian (25%) Federal Districts. Distribution of consultations by aim, disease, regions of origin is presented in the manuscript.
    Telemedicine consultations significantly contribute to the implementation of precise diagnostics and monitoring of patients with blood disorders, shortening of the time of diagnosis, timely treatment initiation, help to organize correct patient referrals, ultimately reducing the risks of treatment failure, complications and lethal outcomes. Analysis of the data accumulated in the consulting
    National research center allows to assess the quality and effectiveness of medical care in the regional hospitals.

    Authors: Lukina K. A. [1] Zaytcev D. A. [1] Garmaeva T. T. [1] Mendeleeva L. P. [1]

    Tags: healthcare management1 hematology1 interregional interaction1 national research center1 telemedicine consultations1 telemedicine technologies5




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