Personnel education for digital healthcare and professional standards analysis

Published: 2020-07-03

    Information technologies in education
  • Most important task of healthcare is medical service continuous improving through implementation of new technologies. Modern technologies development is largely based on big biological data analysis. Ability to fully utilize modern technologies requires as new level of training for medical personnel, so reconsidering of professional standards with paying more attention to scientific and technical development.
    Materials  and  methods: Physicians going through professional skills improvement process were questioned, professional standards, legislation for medical services and education were investigated.
    Results:   conclusions made on physicians readiness for work at digital healthcare system and on concordance of existing pro
    fessional standards to healthcare development trends.
    Conclus ion: scientific and technical aspects of physicians education have to be enforced, education time for physicians working at high-tech healthcare segment should be increased, research activity should be included into professional standards for some specialties.
    Modern healthcare develops towards neuronet based big data analysis digital technologies implementation. Healthcare becomes more technologized and scientifically capacious. Information volume increase requires more teaching of skills for obtained within personalized digital medicine development data mining and interpreting; professional standards widening for personnel providing medical service at this field.

    Authors: Melerzanov A. V. [4] Almazov A. A. [3] O. Yu. Alexandrova [2] Trunin A. O. [1] Rimskaya B. A. [1]

    Tags: digital  personalized  medicine1 medical education3 professional  standards1




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