Prospects for the further development of the medical statistics service through the transition to management based on data

Published: 2018-04-11

    Medical information systems
  • In the article the problems of the system of collection of state statistical reporting existing in Russia and the consequences to which they result are analyzed. A review of literature and publications in the media and the blogosphere is provided, which reveal the existing shortcomings of medical statistics.
    The gradual development of health management based on data with the refusal to use statistical reports is proposed. The key idea is a gradual refusal to apply the existing forms of state statistical reporting. Instead, it is necessary to create and consistently develop a system of support for management decision­making in the health sector, presented as one of the federal components of the EGIS. Ultimately, such a system should completely replace state statistical reporting approved by the orders of Rosstat, Ministry of Health, FFOMS and other executive authorities, including regional government bodies, as well as numerous disparate “monitoring”, “registers” and other federal management systems available in present time. The established single federal service EGISP should accumulate in itself all the formalized primary data, primarily depersonalized, from other components of the EGISP, such as medical information systems of medical organizations (MIS MO), regional services and EHISM systems, information systems of the TFOMS and etc.

    Authors: Gusev A. V. [8]

    Tags: data management2 egis1 management decision support systems1 medical information systems9 medical statistics5 spprs1




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