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    Management in healthcare
  • 2021 № 1 Process-oriented management and project management as tools for the public health organization efficiency improvement

    Medical services implementation schemes, based on the optimization of the flow of patient created values, are
    proposed. Changes appearing in certain performance indicators of the medical organization during the process of new
    management model introduction are analyzed. Aim. Creation of a management model for a state medical organization
    in the basis of which are the modern methods based on a process-oriented approach to the separation of management
    functions. Relevance. The work of healthcare organizations in a highly competitive environment requires more flexibility
    and mobility, thus the primary task is to create new management models of the organization, taking into account industry characteristics and consumer needs. Materials and Methods. The work uses the published results of the analysis of structural changes in organizational activity by other authors. The study was carried out on the basis of internal documents of the FSFI FSRCC FMBA of Russia on the creation of a new management structure focused on the development of an organization in the conditions of the market of medical services. Analytical and descriptive methods and sociological survey were used. Results and Discussion. Changes in the indicators for service provision for compulsory medical insurance and the volume of medical care provided as a result of the reforms carried out by the management of the healthcare organization of the FSRCC for four years have been analyzed. There was an increase in the number of patients seeking medical services at the FSRCC, who want to receive information/assistance quickly, in accordance with the adopted concept of a client-oriented marketing strategy, which required the development of “short” routes for patients, especially in conditions of increased service. By the joint efforts of marketers and specialist doctors, using design technologies, self-supporting Centres are being formed, which are virtual subdivisions that bring together highly qualified doctors to address the specific needs of patients. The “short” path scheme is based on the adoption of the definition of “medical service” as a unit of measurement of the complexity of the process of “medical care” provision. Conclusions. An increase in the number of visits at the outpatient-polyclinic stage of medical care provision (diagnostics, consultations) over five years doubles the achievement of the goals set for the medical organization, considered as an economic entity of a market economy.

    Authors: Barankina T. A. [3] Yakimenko O. N [3] Fetisov A. O. [2] Evsukov A. A. [1]

    Tags: customer-oriented marketing1 management model1 market of medical services1

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