Morbidity of young doctors in connection with the characteristics of professional socialization

Published: 2019-07-19

    Management in healthcare
  • Relevance. The presence of chronic diseases leads to deterioration of health, and also affects the quality of life, professional development, socialization. The occurrence of chronic diseases in young doctors is associated not only with age and sex characteristics, but also with the characteristics of professional socialization.
    Purpose. Analyze the causes and conditions of the development of chronic diseases in young doctors in connection with gender, age and professional socialization.
    Materials and methods. The presence of chronic diseases in young doctors was analyzed according to official data provided by the Tver regional organization of the trade union of medical workers and according to their own research. In order to determine professional socialization, we conducted a sociological survey and psychodiagnostic examination. Results. The prevalence of chronic diseases among men is less than among women, regardless of age group. Also, with increasing age, an increase in these indicators is observed, regardless of gender. The doctors with chronic diseases are more in the group with no characteristics of professional socialization.
    Findings. The smallest number of people suffering from chronic diseases was found among young male doctors who are in the age group up to 29 years old, and also possessing characteristics of professional socialization. In general, the presence of chronic diseases depends on gender and age, as well as on the presence or absence of characteristics of professional socialization.

    Authors: Milekhin S. M. [1] Derbenev D. P. [1]

    Tags: chronic incidence of young doctors.1 professional socialization1 young doctors1




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