Mathematical modeling
  • 2018 № 2 Reduction of the features space when processing multiple drug resistance of mycobacteria in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

    Early detection of the presence of multiple drug resistance of mycobacteria to essential antituberculosis drugs is relevant in the diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis. Mathematical methods and information technologies can help solving this medical problem by excluding those not informative features from the set of features (indicators of the patient’s health status). The Kulbak method is used for assessment of informative features of the multiple drug resistance. The selection of features is made by the sorted (by informativeness) list of features through evaluating the quality of classification performed by ROC analysis. The performed researches showed that 6 features selected from the suggested method (out of 26 considered) allow to select patients with high probability of not having multiple drug resistance, which creates conditions for their adequate treatment.

    Authors: Vinogradov K. A. [3] Bykova V. V. [1] Narkevich A. N. [3] Kataeva A. V. [2]

    Tags: diagnostics of pulmonary tuberculosis1 kulbak method1 multiple drug resistance of mycobacteria1 reduction of the features space1 roc analysis1

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