Medical information systems
  • 2020 № S5 Transformation of the role of healthcare information system. The growth of the role of HIS from automating the activities of an individual clinic to managing a large medical and prophylactic association

    The article summarizes many years of experience in implementing medical information systems (MIS) in medical organizations. The article analyzes the transformation of the medical community’s ideas about the process of implementing MIS and its effectiveness for the period from 1994 to 2020. The features of the introduction of MIS in large medical and preventive associations are considered. There is a need to reorganize the business processes of a medical organization, including clinical processes.

    Authors: Vogt. O. A. [8] Mikheev. A. E. [13] Khait I. L. [2]

    Tags: business process reorganization1 efficiency4 medical information system20

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