Terminology and standardization
  • 2018 № itm Medical ontologies: current development, main trends and features

    The topic of the article is computer ontologies in medicine and bioinformatics. In the article, ontologies are considered as the description method. The specifics, pros and cons of this approach to formalization are discussed. The article provides an overview of popular medical ontologies. Those more used by scientists and doctors, such as SNOMED, Gene Ontology, RxNorm, etc are covered more detailed. Nowadays computer ontologies are widely known in medicine. They are being used for the formalization of accumulated human experience and computerization, for open knowledge bases creation. However, in the future, combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies medical ontologies can be in demand as a subject area describing method when creating decision support systems such as diagnostic recommendation systems.

    Authors: Nefedov Y. V. [1] Tsyplenkova V. A. [1]

    Tags: bioinformatics2 drug ontology (dron)1 galen ontology1 gene ontology (go)1 knowledge domain1 medical ontologies1 meta-ontolo- gies1 modeling1 ontology web language1 rxnorm ontology1 snomed ontology1

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  • Decision support systems
  • 2019 № 1 Capabilities of «Big Data» technologies in medicine

    The article is devoted to the study of the peculiarities of using the «Big Data» technology in medicine. The scope of this
    technology has been analyzed in detail. On the example of the history of development and experience the «Big Data» technology in Europe and Russia and early diagnostics of oncological diseases by compiling genomic databases, that include the genetic information of each individual patient, its advantages, and disclosed opportunities for treatment are determined. Special attention is paid to the prospects of the development of «Big Data» technology in medicine and healthcare. The potential of analytical technologies in the epidemiological surveillance was also noted.

    Authors: Karnaukhov N. S. [1] Ilyukhin R. G. [1]

    Tags: bioinformatics2 data analisys1 oncology3 personalized medicine2 «big data»2

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