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    Population and health
  • 2019 № 8 Health condition of a rural population living in different areas of medical aid accessibility

    The problem of preserving the health of the rural population is key in the concept of the development of
    rural society. Health issues of rural residents are of great social, political and economic importance. Promising areas for
    preserving and improving the health of the rural population are raising the level and quality of life of the rural population.
    Research methods: statistical, direct observation, sociological. In the course of the study, the analysis of the reporting data of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (Form No. 47) was conducted, as well as the results of copying information from primary medical documentation in the pilot territory of the Orenburg Region.The results of the study indicate the need to improve the improvement of organizational forms of providing medical care to rural residents, intensify preventive and dispensary work in the village, and involve medical and social services in the village. The determining factors of public health are the lifestyle of the rural population, the financing of health care and the system of social protection of the population, the development of the agro-industrial complex that provides employment to the population. The analysis shows the need to improve the availability of care, medical activity, valeological literacy of the rural population and commitment to a healthy lifestyle, especially for residents living in the service area of the FAP.

    Authors: Kalininskaya A. A. [9] Sulkina F. A. [3] Muftakhova A. V. [2] Bayanova N. A. [3]

    Tags: district hospital (rb)1 healthy lifestyle4 obstetric point (fap)1 opinion polls1 rural population2

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  • Financial management
  • 2013 № 10 Economic loss from premature rural mortality (Federal State Budget Institution of Science Institute of Agrarian Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Saratov, Russia)

    The objective of the study was to make an economic assessment of the social-demographic loss caused by premature rural mortality. For that purpose the following tasks were planned to be fulfilled: choice of methods for calculating the economic damage from rural mortality; determination of indicators that adequately reflect the economic damage from rural mortality; development of a database on the basis of the indicators presented in Rosstat's official statements; calculation of monetary evaluation of key parameters; determination of the total economic damage. Experimental calculations were performed using different techniques. The study was financially supported by RFBR (project № 12-06-00012).

    Authors: Blinova T. V. [1] Bylina S. G. [1]

    Tags: calculation of the economic damage1 development of a database1 indicators of the economic damage1 monetary evaluation of key parameters1 premature mortality1 rural population2 social-demographic loss1

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