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    Management in health care
  • 2014 № 1 Some methodological approaches to organization of medical care in municipal medical institutions in the Compulsory Health Insurance system (Samara State Medical University, Samara, Russia; Ryazan State I.V. Pavlov Medical University, Ryazan, Russia).

    Аnnotation. Organization of medical care in health care facilities in rural municipalities require special approaches to the implementation of medical standards, exploit opportunities of inter-municipal centers and optimization of payment methods of medical care.

    Authors: Geht I. A. [17] Artemieva G. B. [12]

    Tags: inter-municipal medical centers1 organization of medical care2

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  • Financial management
  • 2015 № 6 Improving system specialized medical care in acute coronary syndromes: experience at the level of the Russian Federation, outstanding issues

    A review is presented of the Kemerovo regional experience improving specialized medical care in acute coronary syndrome. Marked the problematic issues in the health care in acute coronary syndrome in modern conditions (late hospitalization, poor interaction of medical organizations). To improve the social and economic efficiency of medical care is necessary to strengthen the preventive orientation in the activities of the primary health care, to create organizational, economic conditions compliance with the order of care in hospitals, to carry out external control of health care health insurance organizations, to provide a system of care in acute coronary syndrome information and statistical tools.

    Authors: Artamonova G. V. [4] Barbarash L. S. [3] Kusch O. V. [1] Heraskov V. Y. [1]

    Tags: acute coronary syndrome3 organization of medical care2 percutaneous coronary intervention1 regional vascular center1 the municipal health organization1

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