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    Manager of healthcare consults
  • 2017 № 8 Telemedicine: dreams and realities

    The adoption of the Federal law directly affecting telemedicine was expected for a long time. So the law has generated great interest in the medical community. However, a large number of evaluations of the new law is not accompanied by serious analysis. Meanwhile, despite the apparent «breakthrough» of the right regulation of telemedicine, the possibilities of practical use of telemedicine technologies remain very limited. This is due to the legal boundaries of the use of telemedicine technologies, and organizational and financial. This article discusses these and other issues related to the practical aspects of using telemedicine

    Authors: Kadyrov F. N. [56]

    Tags: consultation1 e-health2 informatization of healthcare2 medical help2 telemedicine3 unified state information system in healthcare1

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  • Management in health care
  • 2016 № 1 Organisation and outcomes of monitoring medical-economical factors of high-technology medical aid

    This article explores individual organisational-methodological approaches to constructing monitoring informational systems of high technology medical aid. Authors conclude that there is a necessity to create unique monitoring systems and databases, formed by personified audit of the most significant signs of surveillance subject. Article’s materials can be used while modelling information systems for practical implementation of high medical technology in circumstances of one stream financing.

    Authors: Obukhova O. V. [9] Perkhov V. I. [11] Bazarova I. N. [2] Gorin S. G. [3]

    Tags: high technology medical aid1 informatization of healthcare2 one channel financing1

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