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    Manager of heath care consults
  • 2017 № 10 Financial reserves of the state (municipal) institutions health

    . The difficult economic situation makes to search for possible variants of optimization of resources and reserves in the state (municipal) institutions. Many heads of agencies believe that the reserves for salary increases in accordance with the «Мay» decrees of the President have been exhausted. However, they did not start the process of normalization, the introduction of professional standards and effective contracts. On the other hand, the legal environment in which agencies are often not allowed to implement the legislation provided for the possibility of attracting additional resources. These issues are discussed in this publication

    Authors: Kadyrov F. N. [71] Starodubov V. I. [26]

    Tags: human resources2 mandatory medical insurance8 optimization2 paid services1 promotion1 regulation2 saving resources1

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  • Foreign experience
  • 2016 № 7 Foreign and Russian experience in healthcare human resources management: the structure of «other» or «allied» personnel

    The article deals with the current Russian and foreign experience in public health system’ manpower planning, linked to the optimum ratio of healthcare staff with different profiles, the range of other medical personnel and positions of specialists with higher non-medical education. The author offers new approaches towards the structure of the «other» personnel or «allied» health professionals in order to resolve the problem of medical personnel availability for Russian population, accessibility and quality of health care services with reduces economic cost.

    Authors: Tarasenko E. A. [2]

    Tags: allied health professionals1 another health professionals1 health care staffing1 healthcare administration1 human resources2 manpower policy1 «other» medical staff1

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