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    Medical statistics
  • 2015 № 2 Evaluation of loss health with the indicator «problematic»

    The rate of «problem» for estimating avoidable losses of public health based on the analysis of longterm electronic databases to support management decision-making in health care. The index reflects compliance with the individual components of the loss of public health established standards, taking into account the dynamics of symptoms. An example of the calculation of the «problem» for each of the components of loss of health as an example of Novokuznetsk in order to identify the main problems.

    Authors: Vlasenko A. E. [1] Zhilina N. M. [1] Chechenin G. I. [2]

    Tags: avoidable loss1 health2 nonparametric tests1 ranking problems1 the rate of «problem»1

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  • Manager of health care consults
  • 2017 № 1 Нealth care Funding in 2017 – another paradox: the means was less than planned for 2016, but the financial support for the industry has improved

    In recent years, the Federal budget is closely linked to the budget of the Federal mandatory medical insurance Fund – they cannot be analysed separately from each other. The Federal funding is reduced, but the budget of the Federal mandatory medical insurance Fund in 2017 favorably with previous: 2016 was suddenly executed with a surplus. Large carryovers for 2017 are not evaluated as a negative factor, as it was before, but as positive, as they relate to the refusal of the state from the withdrawal of the Federal budget planned amounts. Therefore, a sharp drop of healthcare financing from the Federal budget does not mean the deterioration in the financing industry – changing channels the movement of funds. This is due to the fact that the government became aware that the transformation of the budget of the Federal mandatory medical insurance Fund to source for other budgets will not ensure the implementation of presidential Decrees on raising wages. In addition, there have been major changes to the financing of high-tech medical care, which is not included in base program OMS –2017 it is almost completely financed by funds. In the article the analysis of dynamics and trends of health financing from different sources.

    Authors: Kadyrov F. N. [79] Obukhova O. V. [11] Brutovа A. S. [5]

    Tags: budget4 deficit4 expenses4 federal fund of compulsory medical insurance1 finance1 health2 income5 inflation2 obligatory medical insurance3 surplus2

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