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    Statement of the problem
  • 2014 № 9 Problems associated with provision of paid medical services while using equipment purchased at the expense of state funds or funds from mandatory medical insurance system (FSHI «Health Organization and Informatics» Ministry of Health Care of Russia, Moscow, Russia)

    One of the issues, that doesn't have a precise normative regulation, is usage of equipment, purchased at the expense of state budgets of different levels and funds from mandatory medical insurance system when delivering paid medical services. The policy of state and municipal institutions with regard to possibility and regulation on using equipment, purchased at the expense of state budget and funds of MMI (Mandatory Medical Insurance) in the course of a running a profitable activity, is quite controversial. It is not decided, where amortization of the equipment should be directed in such cases. The article is dedicated to possible solutions to this problem.

    Authors: Kadyrov F. N. [71]

    Tags: amortization1 budget4 equipment2 mandatory medical insurance system3 paid medical services9 resources of financing1

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  • Management in healthcare
  • 2018 № 7 Оrganization of the service of radiodiagnosis in Moscow

    The analysis of uniformity of distribution of radiation diagnostics equipment in medical organizations of Moscow is Carried out. It is proposed to create a transparent and controlled system that allows to aggregate the entire volume of data on the conducted research to achieve high productivity and optimize financial costs. Redistri¬bution of loads in medical organizations by optimizing departments, revision of the regulatory framework will allow to use additional tools in the formation of x-ray conclusions. Continuous monitoring and monitoring of the radiation diagnosis equipment will significantly reduce the costs in the health care system and move to a higher and higher level of development of the radiation diagnosis service in Moscow

    Authors: Shelekhov P. V. [2]

    Tags: control3 distribution uniformity1 equipment2 monitoring2 moscow1 radiology2

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