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    Management in health care
  • 2016 № 6 Dynamics of injuries among adult population in Russian Federation in 2010–2014

    Dynamics of injuries among adult population based on the state statistical observations for 2010–2014 is presented. The structure, rate of out-of-hospital and hospital injuries was studied. Accuracy and completeness of injury registration was evaluated. Recommendations for close interaction in injury registration between out- and in-hospital patients were suggested.

    Authors: Ogryzko E. V. [7] Polikarpov А. V. [5] Andreeva T. M. [1]

    Tags: adult population2 injury1 rates1 structure1

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  • 2013 № 8 Method of defining demands of adult population in medical rehabilitation (FSHM «Russian scientific center of medical rehabilitation and spa treatment» Ministry of Health Care of Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia; Federal Research Institute for Health Organization and Informatics of Ministry of Health Development of the Russian Federation, Moscow)

    Annotation: Method of defining demands of adult population in medical rehabilitation is based on data concerning population's morbidity, generally in accordance to diseases classes as well as on few particular diseases. The basis of defining method for demand in medical rehabilitation was formed by indications and contraindications to its processing in outpatient and inpatient conditions. The development of medical organizations network, which provides aid for medical rehabilitation has to correspond with the real demand of the population. The following methodical recommendations permit to make a judgment regarding demands of concrete region in medical rehabilitation after processing the described calculations.

    Authors: Prilipko N. S. [2] Bantieva M. N. [1] Povajnay E. L. [1]

    Tags: adult population2 demand1 dispensaries1 hospitals1 medical rehabilitation7 method of defining1

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