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a complication1 a consulting project1 a fruit1 a healthy lifestyle1 a maturity estimation1 a medical center1 a network of medical organizations1 a professional non-profit organizations1 a single preventive space1 a target audience1 abc analysis2 abortion1 accelerating1 acceleration1 access control1 access to healthcare accessibility of medical care1 access to medical aid1 accessability1 accessibility of care1 accidents1 accounting form 114/y1 accounting of working hours1 accreditation3 accreditation of specialist1 accreditation of specialist? training programmes1 across-the-board standard medical examination of population1 activities1 activities of medical organizations1 activity1 actual and regulatory number of physicians1 acute coronary syndrome3 additional payments1 administrative penalty1 administrative reform1 administrative suspension of activities1 adoption of conceptual solutions1 adult population3 after hours work1 age and sex population structure1 aging1 aid1 alcohol1 alcohol intoxication1 alcohol-attributable mortality1 algorithm of observation1 alimentary  therapy1 all-causes mortality1 allergic dermatitis1 allergodermia1 allergy to latex1 allergy to protein1 allied health professionals1 allowance1 alzheimer's disease1 ambulance1 amortization1 amount of time1 an administrative offense1 an automated management system in health care1 an obstetric hospital1 anaemia1 analysis2 analysis of current health legislation1 analysis of obligatory health insurance system problems1 analysis of patients’ complaints1 analysis of processes1 and centres of excellence1 and method for calculating demand in physicians1 and non-developing pregnancy1 anesthesia2 anesthesiologist and intensive care1 anesthesiology and intensive care1 anesthesiology and reanimation1 annual report of medical statistics1 annual reports of medical statistics1 anonymity1 another health professionals1 antepartum and postpartum hemorrhage1 anthropometrical indicators1 anti-corruption1 anti-narcotic policy1 anti-tb institutions1 anti-tuberculosis activity1 anti-tuberculosis measures1 antigenes1 apheresis2 approach1 arctic zone1 arkhangelsk region2 assessing of rehabilitation activities1 assessment1 assessment epidemic1 assessment methodology1 assessment of care management1 atc classification1 attendance1 attending physician1 audio recording1 authority of organisation’s senior management1 automatic management system1 automatic measurement of hemolysis index1 automatical  inventory management  system  of  irreducible  reserves  of  the  pharmacy1 automatical  system  of  planning  and  monitoring  of purchases1 automation of the treatment process1 availability2 availability of cardiac care1 availability of diagnostic testings1 availability of medical assistance2 avoidable loss1 avoidable mortality1


bad habits1 balanced scorecard1 barriers1 base documents1 basic medical services1 basic research1 beds1 benchmarking2 benign prostatic hyperplasia2 bi1 bibliometric indicators1 bibliometrical indicators1 big pharma1 biofeedback3 biological and social risk1 biological crossmatch1 biomedical expertise1 biomedical scientific research and development1 biotechnologies1 birth1 birth certificates1 birth criteria1 bladder cancer1 blood1 blood banking1 blood circulatory system diseases1 blood donor1 blood service2 blood transfusion4 blood transfusion services1 body1 body of scientific personnel1 bonus1 bonuses1 brand1 branding1 brca1/2 mutations1 break-even point1 budget4 burden of disease1 burns1 business iintelligence1 business planning1


cachexia-anorexia syndrome1 calculate the needs of other staff1 calculation1 calculation of the economic damage1 call center1 cancer center1 cancer palliative care1 cancer patients routing1 capital assets1 capitated rate1 capitation1 cardiac clinic1 cardiac surgery1 cardiology1 cardiovascular disease4 cardiovascular disorders1 cardiovascular surgery2 carotid endarterectomy1 carry out1 cars of an emergency medical service1 case of treatment1 causal approach1 causes of mortality1 caution1 centralization3 centralization of laboratory research1 centralized laboratories1 cerebrovascular diseases1 certificate of accreditation1 certificate of specialist1 certification1 certification and recertification of physicians1 channel funding1 charity1 checklists1 chelyabinsk region1 chief doctor1 chief physician1 chief specialists of administrative health care authority1 child disability statistics1 childbirth1 childhood disability statistics1 children2 children's rehabilitation center1 children’s health center1 chiropractic1 choice1 choice criteria1 choice of doctor1 choice optimization1 chronic non-infectious diseases1 chronic noninfectious diseases1 circulatory system diseases2 citizens applications1 citizens of the republic of belarus1 city hospital1 civil process1 clarity and accessibility of information1 classes of diseases1 cleaning personnel of manufacturing and office premises1 clinic medicine1 clinic of children's infectious diseases1 clinic-static groups1 clinic-statistic groups1 clinical and economic simulator1 clinical approbation1 clinical diagnosis1 clinical experiments1 clinical guidelines2 clinical laboratory1 clinical medicine2 clinical recommendations2 clinical research1 clinical-economic analysis2 clinical-economical analysis1 clinical-statistic groups1 clinical  nutrition  organization1 clinical  nutrition  outscoring1 clinicians1 clinicoeconomic research and outcome1 co-payments2 coding1 collective agreement1 collective contract1 combining professions (titles)1 comfortable conditions when providing medical aid services1 commercial interests1 commission  on  the  elaboration  of  territorial  programmes1 communication channels1 communication system1 comparative analysis1 compensation payouts1 compensation type of pay outs1 compensations1 competition1 competitive landscape1 competitive progress1 competitiveness1 complaint1 completeness1 completing volumes of medical aid tasks1 complex of medical services1 complex plan1 complex scientific and technological program1 complex valuation of medical care quality1 comprehensive assessment of the health status1 comprehensive geriatric assessment1 compulsory health insurance12 compulsory health insurance policy1 compulsory health medical insurance policy1 compulsory medical insurance5 compulsory medical insurance fund1 compulsory social insurance1 computed tomography2 concentration of resources1 conclusion1 conferences2 conflicts of interests1 conformity assessment1 congenital heart defect1 congenital heart disease2 congenital heart disorders1 congenital malformations1 consolidation1 consultation1 consultation per demand1 consultations of physiciens-specialistes1 contest of polyclinics1 contract2 contracts1 contracts for the provision of medical care1 control3 control obligations for insurance medical organizations1 control of quality and safety of medical activities2 control of the quality of medical care1 control system1 control the quality and safety of medical activities1 control the use of funds of mandatory health insurance1 control without interaction with legal entities and individual entrepreneurs1 core working hours1 coronary bypass surgery2 coronary heart disease1 corporate brand1 correction factor to the rates of complex medical services1 correlation regressive and factor analysis1 corruption1 cost2 cost structure1 cost-effectiveness2 cost-effectiveness analysis1 cost-efficient1 costs1 countermeasures programs1 craniocerebral injury1 credits1 criteria3 criteria for activity evaluation1 criteria for evaluating medical aid quality1 criteria for evaluating quality1 criteria for evaluation1 cryopreservation of gametes1 ct1 ct and mri scans1 ct scans1


daly2 dangerous work conditions1 data of traumatism1 day hospital2 decelerating1 deceleration1 decision support system1 decrees of the president1 defect1 defects of medical care1 deficit4 deficit of human resourcesin health care1 deficit of medical human resources1 definitions2 delphi method1 demand1 demand for hospital beds1 demands1 democratic1 density of population1 department of medical and social assistance1 deputy heads of a medical organization1 deregulation1 dermatovenerology1 design2 design and organization of rehabilitation1 designing organizational structures1 development of a database1 devices for health-care waste treatment2 diabetes mellitus2 diabetes mellitus type 2 (dm2)1 diabetic foot2 diabetic nephropathy2 diabetic retinopathy2 diagnosis1 diagnostic examination1 diagnostic research1 diagnostic researches1 diagnostics2 diagnostics research1 differentiated system of payment for labor1 digestion diseases1 direct and indirect maternal death1 direct costs5 directly observed treatment1 director1 disability3 disabled1 disabled people1 disciplinary structure2 disease3 disease as a mortality cause1 disease prevention1 diseases1 diseases incidence1 diseases of system of blood circulation1 diseases of the children’s population1 diseases of the circulatory system1 diseases prevalence1 dispansserization1 dispensaries1 dispensary observation2 dissatisfaction with medical aid1 dissertation committees1 dissertation councils1 distance learning1 distribution2 distribution uniformity1 district doctor1 district  physicians1 doctors3 doctors-radiologists1 doctorsradio therapists1 doctor’s duties1 doctor’s job duties1 donation income-generating activities of the state (municipal) procurement1 donations1 donor1 donor movement1 dr-tb1 drg1 drug1 drug circulation1 drug poisoning1 drug safety1 drug treatment1 duration2 duties1 duty shifts of medical employees1 dynamics1


e-health2 e-registry1 early detection1 early diagnosis1 eclampsia1 ecological balance1 economic efficiency6 economic efficiency of the project1 economic expediency1 economic impact1 economic loss1 economic losses1 economical effectiveness3 economics of health care1 educational events1 educational organizations1 effective1 effective activities of the head plan1 effective contract10 effective interaction in doctor-parent relationships1 effective ways to pay for medical care1 effectiveness3 effectiveness of information systems implementation1 effectiveness of pharmacotherapy1 effectiveness of research activity1 effectiveness of using funds of mandatory medical insurance system1 efficiency9 efficiency and effectiveness of health care1 efficiency indicators1 efficiency of activity1 efficiency of informatization1 efficiency validation1 efficient contract9 efficient management1 egisz1 elderly and senile age1 elderly patient1 elderly people1 electronic data interchange1 electronic personal medical record1 electronic signature1 emergency ambulance service1 emergency and acute disinfection1 emergency medical assistance1 emergency medical care1 emergency medical service1 emergency medical services1 emergency rooms1 employers2 employment contract3 endoprosthesis replacement1 endoscopy1 endovascular surgery and interventional radiology1 epidemic1 epidemic indications1 epidemiology1 equipment2 essential science indicators1 evaluation1 evaluation of employee's activity1 evaluation of employees performance1 evaluation of medical organization1 evaluation of qualification1 evaluation of specialized medical aid1 evaluation of the effectiveness1 evidence-based medi¬cine2 examination1 examination of quality of medical care1 examination of temporary disability1 examination of the quality of medical care1 executives pay1 expenditure1 expenses4 expert1 expert assessment1 expert quality report of medical aid1 expertise3 experts survey1 external causes3 external systems for assessing the quality of laboratory research1 extracurricular risk factors1 extremely low birth weight neonates1 extremely low body weight1


factors2 false-negative results1 false-positive1 falsification1 family psychologist1 family-centered medical care1 faps (fap)1 federal budget3 federal budgetary programs1 federal fund of chi1 federal fund of compulsory medical insurance1 federal fund of mandatory medical insurance1 federal health care entities1 federal medical institutions1 federal the mandatory medical insurance fund1 federal  register  medical  organizations1 fee based medical services1 fertility1 fetoplacental insufficiency1 fetus development1 finance1 financial and economic justification1 financial costs1 financial effectiveness4 financial indicators1 financial lease1 financial provision of medical aid1 financial sanctions2 financial stimulation2 financial support of medical activity1 financial support of medical care1 financial violations1 financing5 financing of medical care1 financing per capita1 first-aid post on railway station1 flagship university1 follow-up care1 football world cup1 forecast3 forecasted  demand  for  medicines1 forecasting of personnel potential of health care2 foreseeable levels of morbidity1 form no 191 form no 7-d (sobes)1 form no. 080/u1 forms and terms of rendering of medical aid1 forms of documents1 forms of federal statistical observation form no 94 (pensii)1 free medical care2 front-office1 fronts of research1 function of medical posts1 function of public health1 function. medicinal products. drug provision. accounting and write-off of medicines1 functional responsibilities of personnel1 fund holding2 fundholding1 funding1


general doctor1 general morbidity1 general practice1 general practitioner2 genomic editing1 geriatrics1 gestational age1 global scientific-technological field1 gloves sterilization1 goal setting process1 government funding1 graduate certificate1 grant funding1 gross domestic product1 grounds for rendering paid services2 growth1 guarantees and compensation1 guarantees in the health sector2 guidelines1


haematological aid1 head of medical organization1 head of the regional vascular center1 health2 health assessment1 health authorities1 health care11 health care development1 health care facility1 health care financing organizational legal forms1 health care for overweight1 health care institution1 health care management1 health care model1 health care organization1 health care program1 health care quality control1 health care staffing1 health care state (municipal) institutions1 health care system1 health care workforce1 health centers1 health economics1 health funding1 health groups1 health indicators1 health management1 health of the village1 health organization2 health organization and public health1 health organizations providing assistance to the population in an outpatient setting1 health organizations providing medical care in a hospital (iscu)1 health organizations providing medical care on an outpatient basis (moau)1 health professional non-profit organizations1 health promotion1 health sector1 health service delivery1 health services1 health system modernization1 health technology assessment (hta)1 health workforce1 healthcare3 healthcare administration1 healthcare information systems2 healthcare institution1 healthcare institutions1 healthcare management2 healthcare organization1 health  insurance  organizations1 heart attack1 hematopoietic and related tissue1 hemoblastosis1 hemoblastosis incidence and general morbidity1 high tech medical aid2 high technology medical aid1 high-tech equipment1 high-tech eye care1 high-tech medical aid tariffs1 high-tech medical care7 high-tech medical care in the profile «traumatology and orthopedics»1 high-technological medical aid1 high-technology medical care1 highquality work stimulation1 hiv infection1 hiv/aids1 home visits1 homeless children contingents1 homeostasis3 hon code1 hospital1 hospital at home1 hospital bed1 hospital infection1 hospital information system1 hospital management1 hospital organizations1 hospital patients1 hospital social services1 hospitals1 hosting1 household services2 human resource capacity1 human resources2


implementation1 improve1 improvement activities1 improvement of normative documents1 incentive funding1 incentive pay outs2 incentive payments2 incentive payouts2 incentive system2 incentive type of payments1 incentives3 incidence1 incidence of adolescents1 incidence of child population1 incidence of children1 incidence rates2 income5 incoming control1 increase in profitability1 increase of staff pay1 increase of throughput1 increase of workflow volume1 independent assessment of the medical care quality1 independent expertise1 independent quality assessment1 independent evaluation of work1 indexes and criteria of evaluation1 indexes and criteria on evaluating employees activity efficiency1 indicators3 indicators of the economic damage1 induced pluripotent stem cell1 induced pluripotent stem cells1 industrial indicators1 industrial partners1 infant deaths1 infants1 infectious diseases1 inflation2 information about the doctor1 information flow1 information interaction1 information management systems1 information resources in health care1 information security1 information system deployment1 information system for administrator of a clinical-diagnostic laboratory1 information systems1 information technologies2 information technology1 informational system1 informational volunteer agreement1 informative system1 informatization of healthcare2 informed consent1 infrastructure changes1 infusion1 injuries2 injury1 injury severity1 innovation approaches to healthcare facilities design1 innovations2 innovative model of care1 inpatient medical care1 inquiries of bodies of inquiry and investigation1 inspections1 instrumentation1 insurance1 insurance attorneys1 insurance contributions1 insurance medical organizations1 insurance payouts1 integrated assessment of quality of care1 integrated medical information system (kmis)1 integration1 intellectual backwardness1 intelligent systems1 intensive care unit1 intensive care unit (icu)1 intensive supervision1 inter-budgetary transfers1 inter-budgetary transfers in health care1 inter-municipal medical centers1 interagency cooperation2 internal and external quality assessments1 internal control5 internal control quality and safety of care1 internal regional product1 international association of social security1 international indexes of scientific citation1 internet1 interrupted case of treatment1 interterritorial accounting1 investment strategies1 investment to quality of life improvement1 investments1 irreducible  reserves  of  the  pharmacy1 irregular working hours1 isp1


japan2 job competence assessment1 job description1 job descriptions2 job duties1 job function1 job holding1 joint practice1 judgment1 judicial practice for estimating the value of minimum wage1 junior medical personnel1 junior medical staff1 junior nurse on care1


keyworsd priority areas for development in science and technology1 kidney cancer1 komi republic1


labor compensation4 labor compensation fund1 labor conditions1 labor contract5 labor costs1 labor intensity1 labor law1 labor productivity1 labor regulation2 labor remuneration1 labor standards2 labor/ job functions1 laboratory1 laboratory diagnostics1 laboratory information system1 laboratory medicine1 laboratory services1 laboratory tests1 labour legislation3 labour norms1 labour renumeration1 labour salary compensation1 law enforcement agencies1 law regulations1 leader1 leadings1 lean  production1 leasing1 legal base1 legal framework1 legal framework for medical aid provision1 legal representative1 legal representatives1 legal sanction1 legislation2 length of stay1 lethality1 level of education and qualifications1 levels of medical aid provision1 lexical control systems1 liberal1 license rights1 licensing of physicians1 licensing requirements1 life cycle2 life quality1 life years saved1 limb`s surgical artery diseases1 linguistic and semantic analysis1 list of vital and life critical drugs2 lists of control questions1 litigation1 load norms1 local authorities1 local normative act1 local normative acts1 logistics1 loose leaves1 loss of earning capacity1


magnetic resonance imaging2 magnetic resonance tomography1 main and additional indicators1 main funds1 male and female mortality1 malignancies1 malignant neoplasms3 malignant neoplasms of the skin1 management6 management company1 management efficiency2 management in health care1 management levels1 management of health care1 management of patient's blood1 management standards1 management styles authoritative1 manager of a medical organization1 managerial competence1 mandatory health insurance2 mandatory hospitalization1 mandatory medical insurance8 mandatory medical insurance system3 manning table1 manpower policy1 manual therapy1 map call emergency medical help prehospital care quality management1 marketing1 marketing events1 material stimulation2 mathematic model1 mathematic modeling1 mathematical model1 mathematical models1 mayo clinic1 mdr-tb1 measurement3 medcom-mp2 medical1 medical activities1 medical activity3 medical aid2 medical aid cost1 medical aid standards1 medical and preventive treatment facilities1 medical and social assistance2 medical and technological assignment1 medical care8 medical care at rheumatic diseases1 medical care in emergency form1 medical care quality management system1 medical care standard1 medical center1 medical commission4 medical device1 medical devices1 medical diagnostic care1 medical doctors1 medical documents quality1 medical duties at homes1 medical engineering clusters1 medical entity1 medical equipment2 medical examination1 medical examination of children1 medical expertise1 medical facilities1 medical faculty1 medical help2 medical history1 medical information system1 medical information system that stimulates the part of payroll and the quality of medical care1 medical information systems4 medical informational systems1 medical institution1 medical institutions1 medical insurance1 medical insurance company1 medical insurance organizations3 medical organization31 medical organization management system1 medical organization site1 medical organizations6 medical organizations (mo)1 medical organizations of the public health system1 medical organizations that provide assistance on an outpatient basis1 medical panel1 medical personal1 medical personnel2 medical personnel safety1 medical prevention1 medical product2 medical products2 medical professions1 medical records1 medical rehabilitation7 medical research funding1 medical research studies1 medical science1 medical secrecy1 medical service1 medical services2 medical social networks1 medical specialists1 medical staff1 medical statistics1 medical stores and drug inventory1 medical stuff1 medical supervision1 medical technologies1 medical technology1 medical university1 medical waste2 medical waste treatment site2 medical wastes1 medical worker1 medical workers1 medical-economic expertise1 medical-economic information1 medical-social support1 medicals employees1 medical  and  preventive treatment institution1 medications3 medicine1 medicines  consumption1 medico-demographic data1 medico-economic standard1 membership1 mental disorders1 method of defining1 methodical approaches1 methodology2 methodology of calculation1 methods1 methods of assessing1 methods of evaluation in health care1 methods of payment for medical care2 methods of payment medical care1 methods of strategic planning and forecasting of personnel capacity of health care1 microbiology1 military commissariat1 military permit1 minimal wage size1 mobile teams1 model of medical service1 model outcomes1 modeling3 modernization1 modernization of health care2 modifying factors1 monetary evaluation of key parameters1 money1 monitoring2 monitoring of quality of care1 monitoring system1 monitornig holter ecg and blood pressure application1 morbidity8 morbidity of population2 morbidity rate1 mortality13 mortality age structure1 mortality causes1 mortality due to all reasons1 mortality in 5-years age groups1 mortality in road accident1 mortality of the population from malignant neoplasms of lymphoid1 moscow1 mother2 motivational crisis1 motivational profiles1 motivational testing and modeling technique by sh. richie and p. martin’s1 multi-drug resistance of mycobacterium tuberculosis1 multifunctional centers of public services1 municipal district (mr)1 municipal-private partnership1 murmansk region1


national calendar of preventive vaccinations1 national fund of mandatory medical insurance1 national healthcare system1 national hiv/aids response1 national peculiarities1 natural and value indicators1 near-arctic territories1 need1 need for rehabilitation1 need in hospital beds1 neediness1 negative trends1 neoplasms1 neoprene1 net cost1 nets1 network science1 networking3 neurosurgery1 neurosurgical assistance1 new management1 new normative documents1 newborn1 new model of medical management organization1 nocebo1 nomenclature1 non-financial indicators1 non-governmental medical organization1 non-stationary form of social services1 nonparametric tests1 norm of working hours1 normatives2 normatives of hospital beds provision1 norming of the labor1 norms for population1 norms of time1 nps1 number1 number of beds1 number of visits1 nurse1 nurse anesthetist1 nurse general practice (iucn)1 nurses2


obligatory medical insurance3 obstetric embolism1 obstetrics1 of premature babies1 official medical statistics1 offspring1 olap1 oncohaematological care1 oncological diseases1 oncological pathology1 oncology1 oncology service1 oncoscreening1 one channel financing1 ophthalmology1 opinion1 optimal hospital bed fund1 optimization2 optimization of network2 order2 order of medical care1 orders4 orders of rendering medical care1 organ transplantation1 organic damage of a brain1 organization1 organization of care1 organization of health care and public health1 organization of medical care2 organization of medical care to country people1 organization of medical care to patients with vascular diseases1 organization of outpatient care1 organization of paid medical services1 organization of transportation1 organization of treatment1 organization of work health centers1 organizational and economic mechanism of management1 organizational and methodological activities1 organizational model2 organizational model operation1 organs and tissue of deceased persons1 oriented graph1 orphan medicinal drug1 outgoing control1 outpatient care3 outpatient clinic1 outsourcing2 outsourcing of transport service1 overall incidence1 overall morbidity1


paid educational services1 paid medical services9 paid services1 pain1 paradigms and algorithms logistics research roadmap1 parental training1 parents1 participants in medical insurance1 participants of the educational process1 passportization1 passportization of health care entities1 patent wars1 patents1 patient3 patient adherence  to treatment1 patient flow1 patient information1 patient loyalty1 patient medical intervention1 patient rights3 patient safety1 patient's right1 patient's self-referrals1 patient-centeredness1 patient-orientation2 patients aged 60 years and older1 patients aged 60 years and over1 patients extremism1 patients routing1 patients' satisfaction2 patient’s personal data1 pay per patient treated1 payback period1 paying for medical care1 payment for labor1 payment for medical care1 payment for outpatient services1 payment methods of stationary medical care1 payment of a disability certificate1 payment treated case by profile1 payouts of compensation character1 payroll fund1 pediatric cardiologist1 pediatrician1 pediatrics1 penalty sanctions1 per capita funding2 per capita method of financing1 percapita funding method1 percutaneous coronary intervention1 percutaneous intervention1 perfection1 performance evaluation criteria1 perinatal mortality2 periodic health examination1 person-lysed medicine1 personal data1 personal data protection1 personal record-keeping1 personal records1 personalized medicine1 personnel3 personnel staffing1 personnel's crisis1 persons of elderly and senile age2 pharmaceutical companies1 pharmacoeconomic analysis1 phased treatment1 phenotype1 phone contacts1 photo chronometer watch1 photo-timing observation1 phototime supervision1 phthisiatricians1 physical development of students1 physician1 physician anesthesiologist1 physician training standard1 physicians2 physicians-plastic surgeons1 physician involvement1 physiotherapy1 placebo1 placenta1 planning1 plasma2 platelet1 platelet dose for adults1 platelets3 points of establishment of medical waste treatment site2 poisoning2 polls1 polyclinic2 polyclinic offices of the medical organizations1 pooling2 population2 population above working1 population over working age1 population’s satisfaction with primary health care for children1 portfolio1 position1 postanalytical phase1 postoperative mortality1 potential years of life lost1 powers of state (municipal) institutions1 practical health care1 pre-analytical phase1 pre-school and school educational organizations1 pregnancy1 pregnancy outcome1 pregnancy outcomes1 pregnant and the lying-in women1 preliminary diagnosis1 premarital sex1 premature mortality1 prenatal diagnosis1 prenatal diagnostics1 prevalence1 preventable deaths1 prevention4 prevention at enterprises1 prevention at the enterprises1 prevention in enterprises1 prevention of patients’ discontent1 preventive adnexectomy1 preventive examinations1 preventive measures for children1 preventive screening1 preventive visits1 primary health care5 primary healthcare1 primary morbidity1 principals of development1 principles1 priorities1 priorities for research and technological development1 priority areas1 priority of the interests of the patient1 private health care system1 private medical clinic1 problems of men's health1 problems of paid medical services1 process2 process approach3 process quality1 process-oriented approach1 processes1 professional achievements1 professional activities1 professional activity1 professional autonomy1 professional career1 professional competence1 professional quaification groups1 professional standard1 professional standards3 profile specialists1 profitability of investments1 program of state guarantees2 program of state guarantees for provision of free medical aid to the population1 program of state guarantees of free medical care1 program on infection security disinfection1 project management1 promising system of mandatory medical insurance1 promoters1 promotion1 proper use of funds1 prophylactic mastectomy1 prostate cancer3 protection from tobacco smoke1 protection of the family1 providing ambulatory treatment1 providing medical assistance in emergency form1 provision of medical aid1 provision of medicines1 provision of population1 provision with doctors for medical rehabilitation1 provision with medical employees personnel1 provision  of  the  population  with doctors1 public health1 public health and health care1 public health sector1 public health services1 public health services economy1 public health system1 public relations1 public-private partnership2 public-private partnerships2 publication activity2 publishing activity1 purchase of equipment1 purchase of medicines1


qualification4 qualification characteristics1 qualification requirements2 qualifications2 quality2 quality and safety2 quality and safety control of the medical activity1 quality and safety of medical activities4 quality and safety of medical activity9 quality and safety of medical care1 quality and safety of medical devices1 quality and safety of medical practice4 quality assessment criteria1 quality control2 quality control and safety of medical activity1 quality control and safety of medical practice1 quality control of diagnostics research1 quality control of laboratory research1 quality control of medical care1 quality criteria1 quality examination1 quality expertise of medical aid1 quality health care1 quality inspection1 quality management1 quality management system5 quality of care4 quality of medical activity1 quality of medical aid2 quality of medical care9 quality of medical services1 quality of structure1 quality results and normative values1 quantity norms1 questionnaire survey1


r&d2 radiologists1 radiology2 radionuclide diagnostics1 railway medicine1 ranking method1 ranking problems1 rare (orfanny) diseases1 rare (orphan) diseases2 rate of compliance1 rate of increase1 rates1 ratings1 re-programming cell technologies1 reasons1 recipient3 recommendations of the public1 recreation resources1 red blood cell1 red blood cells1 reduction of risk factors at work1 redundancy2 reform of laboratory services1 reforms1 region's typology1 regional differences1 regional health informatization1 regional informatization of health care1 regional informatization of healthcare1 regional level1 regional system1 regional variation1 regional vascular center1 regions2 register  an  oid1 registration2 regression analysis1 regular appointment1 regulation2 regulation on providing medical aid1 regulations3 regulatory body of public health service1 regulatory documents1 regulatory support1 rehabilitation3 rehabilitation bed fund1 rehabilitation majors1 rehabilitation services1 rehabilitation structures1 rehabilitation system1 rehabilitation treatment1 relevance of normative documents1 remote monitoring1 remuneration pay1 renumeration2 renumeration payouts1 reorganization1 repair technologies1 replacement of a doctor1 report of doctor1 reports1 reproductive losses1 republic of moldova1 republican clinical oncological center of republic of tatarstan1 requests of bodies of prosecutor’s office1 requests of body of penal system1 requests of court1 requirements1 research and development2 residents of other cities1 resource-saving1 resources of financing1 respiratory diseases1 responsibilities and obligations of insured citizens1 responsibility1 restrictions1 restructuring2 result-oriented approach1 results1 results of preventative checks1 return on investment1 reusable surgical gloves1 rights and responsibilities1 rights of citizens2 rights of the patient1 risk factors3 risk factors for noncommunicable diseases1 risk groups1 risks2 road accidents1 road traffic injuries1 robotic systems1 routine medical inspections1 rural population1 rural residents1 russia7 russian federation2 russian medical science1 russian science citation index1 russian scientific fund1


safety and quality of health care1 safety monitoring of medical devices1 safety of medical activities2 safety of medical activity1 salaries3 salary2 salary pays for medical employees1 sanatorium1 sanatorium treatment1 sanitary aviation1 sanitary-epidemiological examination1 satisfaction of patients1 satisfaction valuation of public by accessibility and quality of medical care1 satisfaction with ambulatory care1 saving resources1 scheduling of health care1 scholarly journals1 school medical staff1 school risk factors1 schools of health1 science1 scientific and educational medical cluster1 scientific and medical institution1 scientific organizations1 scientific research1 scientific-technological development1 scientometric indicators1 scopus1 screening1 security1 self diagnostics1 self-education1 self-regulation1 self-regulatory non-profit state organizations of doctors1 self-regulatory system1 self-sufficient reception1 seminars2 sensitivity analysis1 sensor3 septic and iatrogenic complications1 service2 service norms1 simple contact dermatitis1 simple dermatitis contact1 smart1 smart criterion1 smoking bans1 social and economic efficiency1 social danger1 social fund1 social importance of pharmacotherapy1 social inequality1 social security payment1 social services1 social welfare1 social-demographic loss1 socialization1 socially dangerous actions1 socio-economic development of regions1 sociological research2 sociology of medicine1 somatic and reproductive health of women1 sources of financing1 spatial diagrams1 special assessment1 special interest groups1 special production1 specialist medical care to inpatient high-tech medical care beds1 specialists with higher non-medical education1 specialized medical aid1 specialized medical care2 specifications of the financial expenses1 staff deficit1 staff imbalance1 staff list1 staff planning1 staff productivity1 staff provision1 staff schedule2 staff standards1 staffing4 staffing ratios1 stages of introduction of innovative system for treatment of medical wastes1 stages of stationary treatment1 standard norms1 standard of care1 standard program of mandatory medical insurance system1 standard work hours regulations1 standardization1 standards1 standards of care4 standards of care order medical care. clinical recommendations1 standards of financial expenses1 standards of medical aid3 standards of medical care3 start-ups1 state (municipal) assignment4 state (municipal) healthcare organisations1 state (municipal) institutions3 state (municipal) institutions of healthcare1 state (municipal) institutions plans1 state (municipal) medical institutions1 state (municipal) organizations1 state educational organizations1 state financing1 state guarantees2 state guarantees for free medical aid2 state guarantees of free medical care1 state obligations in the sphere of health protection of citizens1 state procurements1 state-private partnership1 states1 station1 station of disinfection of medical wastes1 statistical indicators analysis1 statistics3 statistics of health care1 statutory normative in the healthcare1 stenting of carotid arteries1 still birth1 stimulation payouts1 stomatologic services in step-by-step availability1 straight cost1 strategic health management1 strategic indicators system1 strategic initiative1 strategic planning1 strategic planning and forecasting1 strengthening and maintaining the health of workers1 strengthening and preservation of health of workers1 strengthening and preservation of workers ' health1 structural and functional business model1 structural reforms1 structure1 structure and governance arrangements1 structure of morbidity1 structure of morbidity of adult population1 structure of salaries1 study1 subject structure1 subjects of russian federation1 subsidy for compensation of normative inputs4 suggestions1 suppliers of medical services1 supplying with medical property1 support schemes1 support systems clinical decision1 surgery1 surgical bed1 surplus2 sverdlovsk regional oncology center1 swot-analysis2 synthetic surgical gloves1 system analysis1 system approach3 system methods1 system of compulsory medical insurance1 system of indicators1 system of maintenance and repair (smar)1 system of obligatory medical insurance1 system «medstat»1


target-oriented programmes1 targets (indicators)1 tariffs in the public health insurance system1 tarrification commission1 tarrification of employees1 tb care1 team work forms of labour management1 technical condition of buildings of medical departments1 technical-economic indexes1 technological effectiveness2 technological training1 technologies for reprogramming cells1 technologies of genomewide sequencing1 technology for genome editing1 telecommunication technology1 telemedicine3 telemedicine technologies1 telephony1 temporary disability1 termination of the contract1 terminology1 territorial convenience1 territorial departments of roszdravnadzor1 territories1 the accompanying sheet of emergency ambulance station1 the automated calculations1 the average bed occupancy in a year1 the average duration of treatment1 the basic foundations of healthcare organizations1 the case price of hospitalization1 the centil table1 the complex automated clinic information systems1 the complex automated hospital information systems2 the computer equipment1 the conclusion1 the consumer preferences1 the contract on rendering of paid medical services1 the cost of time1 the disadvantage of paid educational services1 the effectiveness of treatment1 the experience of the organization1 the expert of quality of medical care1 the federal medical institutions1 the formation of a healthy lifestyle1 the goal of centralization1 the head of the medical organization1 the health of students1 the implementation1 the information technology1 the insurance medical organization1 the integral  evaluation  of  the  level  of  informatization1 the internet1 the legislation in the field of healthcare1 the legislation in the sphere of health care1 the medical organization2 the medical organizations giving help in out-patient conditions1 the model rules state (municipal) agencies1 the municipal health organization1 the newborn1 the number of beds1 the object of examination1 the organization of cancer care system1 the organization of specialized medical care1 the performance of the obligations1 the primary medical documentation1 the principle of process approach1 the production of blood products1 the program of state guarantees1 the program of state guarantees of free medical care to citizens of the russian federation1 the program of the state guarantees of free rendering medical care to citizens2 the program to combat the spread of hiv infection1 the projects 'full cycle'1 the purchase motivation1 the quality and safety of medical practice1 the quality and security of medical activities1 the rate of «problem»1 the ratings of medical institutions of cardiovascular surgery1 the recipient1 the regional differences1 the regions of the russia1 the regions of the russian federation1 the regulation of labor1 the responsibility of medical organizations1 the role of behavior1 the russian federation (rf) federal district1 the safety of drug therapy1 the scope of health services1 the second stage of nursing1 the semantic analysis1 the sick child1 the sphere of circulation of medical products2 the state stomatologic service1 the structure of minimal wage1 the substance of minimal wage1 the territorial fund of compulsory health insurance of saint-petersburg1 the volume of diagnostic tests1 the ways of payment for medical care1 the  international  object  identifier  tree1 their types and conditions for healthcare delivery1 the  volume  of  medical  care1 three-link system of maternity hospitals1 time management standards1 time norms2 time of admission1 title1 toddlers1 trade union organizations2 traffic accident1 traffic accidents1 trained medical workers1 training1 training of health personnel1 training programmes1 transactions1 transfusinist1 transfusion3 transfusion reaction1 translation of scientific data1 transportation of tangible assets1 treatment1 treatment efficiency1 treatment stages1 treatment strategy1 trends1 tuberculosis3 turnover (function) bed1 types1 types and methods1 types of regions1


ultrashort case of treatment1 ultrasound diagnostic equipment1 ultrasound diagnostics1 unclaimed body1 unemployed citizens1 unification1 unified scheme of collecting information on maternal deaths1 unified state information system in healthcare1 unified  public  health  information  system1 unique device identifier1 unit2 urolithiasis2 urological care1 urology1 usa2 usish1 usishc1 utilization2


vaccination coverage1 vascular surgery1 ven-analysis1 video recording1 visiting doctor1 visits of villagers1 vocational training1 volga federal district1 volume1 volume of financial means1 volume of the publication flow1 volumetric norms of the programme of state guarantees1 voluntary health insurance1 voluntary medical insurance1


wages3 web of science3 webinar1 week1 werfau jsc1 work activities1 work functions1 work hours1 work of a children’s outpatient hospital1 work organization1 workflow technology1 working conditions1 working hours1 workload standards1 world science2


x-ray diagnostics1 xyz-analysis1


years of life lost1 years of life lost (yll)1 yld1


«golden thousand» russian science citation index1 «other» medical staff1


сlinical and economic efficiency1 сomprehensive geriatric assessment1