• 2014 № 5 Studying of level and dynamics of mortality and severity of consequences of road traffic injuries in Russian Federation (South Ural State Medical University of Ministry of Health-care of Russian Federation, Chelyabinsk, Russia)

    The statistic analysis of mortality and severity of consequences of road traffic injuries in the territory of subjects, Federal districts and Russian Federation as a whole was carried out. Calculation of these indicators was performed on base of four years observation period (2010–2013). Was revealed that mortality in road accidents and severity of consequences of road traffic injuries has certain regional features, and mortality rate in some subjects of Russian Federation remains on high values and has negative dynamics of growth. Thus, the integrated approach for the best organization of the medical service based on regional features of subjects of Russian Federation is necessary for a solution of the problem of mortality in road accidents.

    Authors: Shishkin E. V. [2] Moskvicheva M. G. [4]

    Tags: mortality in road accident1 road accidents1 road traffic injuries1

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  • Management in health care
  • 2017 № 1 Basic trends of mortality from external causeson the territory of the Russian Federation

    Annotation. The analysis of the statistics of the Russian Federation, the mortality rate as a whole, as well as by federal districts and subjects for the period 1990–2015 years. It was revealed that the death rate from external causes has specific regional characteristics, and its level in some subjects of the Russian Federation remains at extremely high values. Over the period 2011–2015 there is a noticeable slowdown to reduce mortality from external causes, which highlights the need for the development and adoption of organizational measures with the involvement of the health authorities and other agencies of the Russian Federation.

    Authors: Shishkin E. V. [2] Markina A. U. [1]

    Tags: external causes1 mortality8 preventable deaths1

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