Management in healthcare
  • 2020 № 5 Blood collection during the period of COVID‑19 infection

    We evaluated the work of the Samara Regional Clinical Blood Transfusion Station, the collection and delivery
    of blood components in January-April 2019 and 2020 changes in activity at the beginning of the COVID‑19 pandemic
    infection. The need for blood components decreased: red blood cells – by 16,7%, platelets – by 13,0%, plasma – by 25,6%, cryoprecipitate – by 32,5%. SOKPSK provides the needs of the region’s healthcare in blood components and preparations, as well as the safety of donors and staff. For this: a) new donor recruitment methods have been introduced; b) plasma donors have been transferred to blood and platelet donors. A common pattern is the reduction in the use of medical technologies that require transfusion of blood components. According to the results of the first 4 decades of work, such a reduction in the Samara region is two time less than in other developed countries.

    Authors: Zhiburt E. B. [9] Kuznetsov S. I. [2] Kudinova E. V. [1]

    Tags: blood2 blood collection1 blood service3 blood transfusion5 covid-193 pandemic1 safety1

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  • Standards of medical aid treatment
  • 2013 № 5 Regarding methodology approaches in forming clinical-statistic groups when heart attack occurs (State Health Care Entity of Samara regional clinical cardiologic dispensary, Samara, Russia)

    Annotation. This article presents a reasoning of clinical and technological criteria in forming clinic-statistic groups for treating acute coronary syndrome (heart attack). There is given a detailed explanation of a technical approach towards organizing treatment of this disease, as well as presented results of realized program on health care modernization in the department of implementing medical aid standards in treating heart attacks in Samara region.

    Authors: Geht I. A. [17] Gridasov G. N. [2] Mokshin V. N. [1] Hohlunov S. M. [1] Duplyakov D. V. [1] Rusov I. A. [1] Kuznetsov S. I. [2] Sirotko I. I. [1]

    Tags: acute coronary syndrome3 clinical-statistic groups1 heart attack1

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