Management in health care
  • 2013 № 11 Efficiency of centralization of city medical institutions laboratories based on clinical diagnostic laboratory of large multi-discipline hospital (Kazan State Medical University, Kazan, Russia; GAUZ RT «Hospital of first medical aid» NaberejniyChelni, Russia)

    There is processed a statistics-economic analysis of consequences of centralizing laboratory services. In order to complete it, there was finalized an analysis study of clinic-diagnostics laboratory work flow in the period of 2010–2013 years. It was proven a financial efficiency of laboratory services centralization.

    Authors: Gilmanov A. A. [1] Khayrullin I. I. [2] Nurmyeva L. A. [1] Leontyeva O. I. [1]

    Tags: centralization3 clinical laboratory1 efficiency9

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  • Technological management
  • 2017 № 6 Communication system as an increasing efficiency factor of a large medical center

    The approach of creation the common communication system as an increasing efficiency factor of a large medical center is presented. The definition of the communication system, its structure and main characteristics are provided on the example of the Tatarstan cancer center. The principles of Tatarstan cancer centers information space are described. Communication channels of healthcare organization are cited. Unique classification of the information that is used in information space of Tatarstan cancer center. Rules of information interaction and principles of a communication feedback are also described. The Product of a transparent system of communication is a clear and distinct information that is available to all stakeholders, the aim of transparent communication system construction is an efficient healthcare organization goal achievement; communication system in medical center has a number of distinctive features and depends on the organizational structure, regulations of information interaction of various healthcare organizations and characteristics of the formed communication channels, and characteristics of organizational culture

    Authors: Khayrullin I. I. [2] Zhavoronkov V. V. [1] Mannanova G. R. [1]

    Tags: cancer center1 communication channels1 communication system1 healthcare management2 healthcare organization1 information interaction1 quality management system5

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