Sanitary aviation in road accidents and its economic feasibility

Published: 2018-11-11

    Management in healthcare
  • Relevance: The organization of emergency medical advice, especially in road accidents is an important as¬pect in preserving the health and life of the victims. Purpose of the study: analysis of the frequency of road accidents and fatalities in the Vologda region for the period from 2006 to 2017. Material and methods: the data of medical documentation on the registration of road accidents and the provision of medical care in their presence. Results and discussion: a list of emergency medical care for road traffic incidents is defined by a number of Government Decrees and orders of the Ministry of Health at various levels. The number of dead children at the scene of the accident increased by 1 case, died at the prehospital stage and in the first seven days after admission was reduced to zero, in the period after hospitalization from 0 to 30 days decreased by 3 cases. Conclusions: during the analyzed peri¬od, the number of deaths in road accidents decreased by 34.0%, the number of deaths in the hospital for the first 7 days after hospitalization by 45.2%, from 0 to 30 days – by 46.3%. Mortality at the prehospital stage is 40.0%.

    Authors: Vankov D. V. [2]

    Tags: activities1 economic expediency1 sanitary aviation1 traffic accidents1




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