• 2017 № 3 Organizational telemedicine

    Scientific bases of organizational telemedicine as a new direction of application of information and telecom- munication technologies in the system of citizens’ health protection are developed. The terminology, principles and role of telemedicine in the field of organization of public health and public health are defined. The advantages of using organizational telemedicine for improving the organization of medical care in the system of national and departmental health of the Russian Federation are shown. A new view of telemedicine as a tool for maneuvering health resources is proposed for the rapid change in the volume and level of medical care in the interests of a broad contingent of the population. The integrative role of organizational telemedicine in the integrated application of various information technologies in health care is shown

    Authors: Borisov D. N. [1] Ivanov V. V. [1]

    Tags: healthcare6 healthcare organization3 information technology2 organizational telemedicine1 public health2 telemedicine11 telemedicine consultation1

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  • Medical informational systems
  • 2016 № 1 Virtual Clinic: absentee counseling and individual route planning patient.

    The article deals with the change of order in the regional referral hospital in the implementation of the information system «virtual clinic», as well as e prerequisite for the development of the system and the results of the work.

    Authors: Azanov V. G. [2]

    Tags: a virtual clinic1 public health2 regional clinical hospital1

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