Medical informational systems
  • 2015 № 4 Methods of analysis and synthesis for models of business processes in the medical organization.

    A method for constructing models of business processes is given specialized for medical organizations. It is based on techniques of rational agents.

    Authors: Guliev Y. I. [16] Tsvetkov. A. A. [2] Nepejvoda N. N. [1]

    Tags: business processes2 medical informatics4 rational agents1

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  • 2015 № 4 Application of process approach in the medical organizations on the example of the emergency hospitalization.

    The example of application of process approach at the description of business processes of the medical organization is given. As an example process the emergency hospitalization is used.

    Authors: Belishev D. V. [1] Borzov A. V. [1] Ninua Y. A. [1] Sirota V. E. [1] Shutova. S. A. [2]

    Tags: business processes2 medical informatics4 process approach2

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  • 2017 № 2 Planning of medical care in the field of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation with the use of information technology.

    Currently in Russia the organization and development of transplant services requires the solution of a number of major tasks at the levels of medical institutions and the healthcare system as a whole. One such task is a comprehensive accounting and registration of a group of patients who are transplantation of hematopoietic stem cells and organization of planning of provision of this kind of high-tech care at the level of medical institutions. The complexity and multicomponent nature of the process of planning and carrying out transplantations of hematopoietic stem cells at the level of medical institutions, the high importance of the international component of organ donation and the need of clinical and laboratory and diagnostic data of patients and donors require the development and implementation of specialized software. The current high level of development of medical information systems for various purposes, an integrated approach to the formalization of processes and requirements for reporting, storing and processing clinical and laboratory diagnostic data allow us to develop existing and introduce new approaches to the development and implementation of software tools in different areas of health. We will present the main results of the development and implementation of software tools for planning transplantation of hematopoietic stem cells in the processes of major Federal agencies of health of the Russian Federation, providing this type of high-tech medical care.

    Authors: Yu. V. Starikova [1] Persiantsev M. I. [1] Shekhovtsova J. B. [1] Shelikhova L. N. [1] Maschan M. A. [1] Rumyantsev. A. G. [1]

    Tags: information systems and technology in health care1 medical informatics4 organization of high-technology medical assistance1 transplants of hematopoietic stem cells1

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  • 2015 № 3 Experience the formalization of processes and the formation of functional equirements for medical information system of health care institutions in the field of transfusion.

    The paper presents the main challenges and trends in the development of information technology in health care. Described international and Russian experience of standardization and systematization of the requirements for the formalization and quality processes as health care and with the introduction and in their information systems. As an example of the approach to the formalization of processes and the formation of functional requirements for medical information systems is the implementation and formalization of requirements separation Transfusion of «Federal Research Center of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology named Dmitry Rogachev» Russian Ministry of health.

    Authors: Pankov A. V. [1] Karaseva A. I. [1] Starichkova. Y. V. [1]

    Tags: health care2 hemotransfusion1 information technology2 medical informatics4

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