Medical decision support systems
  • 2016 № 5 Results of the expert systems comparison for diagnostics of acute pharyngeal diseases.

    The description of the development of expert system (ES) of differential diagnostics of acute pharyngeal diseases based on different mathematical algorithms; «Portrait method», «Naiv Bayes classificator» (NBC), «Artificial Neuron Nets» (ANN) is presented in this article. Randonization of 476 of completed clinical cases with acute pharyngeal diseases, paratonsilitis, parapharyngitis, acute tonsillitis, acute pharyngitis is used. The technology of ES development is described. The clinical evaluation showed that ES based on «Portrait method» gives wrong diagnoses for whole list of diagnosed diseases by 8.40%. ES checking based on NBC in the clinical practice revealed differences in diagnoses in 47,6% of cases but developed ES «Program using for differential diagnosis of acute pharyngeal diseases «LOR-Neuro» showed high clinical efficiency in 96% of cases.

    Authors: Sannikov. A. G. [3] Yastremsky A. P. [1] Izvin A. I. [1] Sokolovsky N. S. [1] Zaharov. S. D. [1]

    Tags: atrificial neuron nets1 expert systems2 mathematical algorithms1 naiv bayes classificatory1 portrait method1

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  • 2017 № 1 Expert systems in the prediction of operational risk for the most common surgical interventions (review).

    The review is focused on the applications of medical expert systems in abdominal surgery. Reviewed and described existing models of decision support systems for medical decisions in patients with such common diseases as acute pancreatitis, acute cholecystitis, complicated peptic ulcer disease. The authors conducted a comparative analysis of modern expert systems and described the basic principles of their construction

    Authors: Bogdanovа Y. A. [1] Zaripova G. R. [1] Kataev V. A. [1] O. V Galimov. [1]

    Tags: acute pancreatitis1 artificial neural networks1 expert systems2 peritonitis1

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