Special opinion
  • 2017 № 1 About telemedicine «patient to Doctor».

    Throughout 2016, the legislative initiatives on inclusion of telemedicine into everyday medical practice were actively discussed. During the discussion, besides the classic telemedicine segment «doctor-doctor», telemedicine segment «patient-doctor» was highlighted, it is a new direction, hardly described in the literature. This area covers a wide range of issues, associated with remote human interaction with the health system (including the Internet, medical gadgets, personal monitors and others). In the article, there was an attempt of the holistic description of telemedicine segment «patient-doctor» with an emphasis on the most popular technologies, as well as their technological and organizational features that allow for the integration of remote interaction with the patient in a overall information space of healthcare.

    Authors: Zingerman B. V. [1] Shklovsky-Kordi N. E. [1] Vorobiev. A. I. [1]

    Tags: electronic document management2 legislative control1 personal health record (phr)1 remote monitoring2 telemedicine11

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  • Regional projects of e-health
  • 2016 № 2 Voronina T. The formation e-health as the basis of industry document management system (the example republic of Tatarstan) (FGBOU VPO «Kazan State Power Engineering University», Kazan)

    The article analyzed the experience of implementing of e-Health in the Republic of Tatarstan. Particular attention is given to features of document management systems in health care in terms of information and communication technologies.

    Authors: T. Voronina. [1]

    Tags: document management1 e-health5 electronic document management2 electronic medical document2 electronic medical record3

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