Artificial intelligence in health care
  • 2018 № 3 The basic recommendations for the creation and development of information systems in health care based on artificial intelligence

    Artificial intelligence is becoming one of the main drivers in solving serious problems of medicine and health, such as inadequate resources, further improving efficiency, quality and speed of work. All over the world, more and more solutions are being developed in this area. However, the more new products appear, the more questions and problems arise.
    The work analyzes some foreign publications and research results, which studied the main problems associated with the creation and implementation of artificial intelligence in health care. As a result of the analysis, a number of practical recommendations were formulated that will help increase the likelihood of successful creation and introduction of such products in the practical link of health.

    Authors: Gusev A. V. [7] Pliss M. A. [2]

    Tags: artificial intelligence7 healthcare8 machine learning5 medicine7 neural networks8

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  • Special opinion
  • 2019 № 2 Trends and forecasts for the development of medical information systems in Russia

    Authors: Gusev A. V. [7] Pliss M. A. [2] Levin M. B. [1] Novitsky R. E. [2]

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